Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Last new yarn for a while

Yesterday after work I stopped by my LYS and picked up these. The first one is Cherry Tree Hill Super Worsted in Silver Streak and is for my afghan square for the tribute project that Annie is organizing. This is wonderful yarn, very soft. I played around with my design last night for a bit, but it didn't come out quite how I wanted it to, so I ripped it all and I'll try it again.

The second yarn is 650 yard of handpainted silk/merino blend from Raven Frog Fiber Arts in Sitka, Alaska. I was bought this the Midwest Moonlight scarf for the stick ya neck out scarf swap. This is a bit finer than the yarn called for, but I think its fine-its a scarf after all, and I think a smaller scarf will be just fine. I love the colors in this and the way it feels.

So, why is this the last yarn for a while? After I got home last night, my DH told me that he has to have $4000.00 worth of dental work done in the next couple of months! And, of course, his health plan at work doesn't cover dental. So, I am now on a strict yarn budget (and everything else budget too). Of course, I still have yarn coming that I ordered on Saturday. I have enough stash yarn to keep me busy, but what I keep thinking, is that my stash isn't very balanced. I have alot of Sari Silk, some sock yarn, and a bunch of cotton ease. I guess I need to go through it all and see what I do have.