Thursday, July 14, 2005

Random musings on a slow day

Its a slow day at work today. My boss took the day off, and the shop guys are busy on a couple of easy projects. Therefore, they haven't needed to come ask me questions about my drawings or anything. I have a couple of bids I am working on, but nothing urgent. Its a grey rainy day here, as is typical in Southeast Alaska (after all, it is a rain forest) so no walk-in business yet today either.

So, I made a spreadsheet to figure out my progress on Kiri. I based it on my guestimate of needing to do about 150 rows to get the size I want. 14 repeats will be 151 rows, and is 29763 total stitches before the edging. I am up to row 55, with 145 stitches on the needles, and that works out to be about 15% completed. Not that I am terribly concerned as I am really enjoying knitting this and have lots of time before it needs to be done, but I find the numbers interesting.

I haven't worked on it at all the last two days. (And I probably won't be able to work on it tonight either, as I have a meeting after work and won't get home until about 10pm.) Tuesday I went over to my parents house after work and stayed all evening. Then yesterday, I wanted to catch up on my computer reading, so I worked on something simple.

I started a bag out Iceland. I had small amounts of this in 3 colors left from making felted clogs for my husband and myself, and last weekend I picked up a couple balls of purple to go with what I had. I am making this up as I go along, and just have a general idea of what I want to end up with. I was going to make the base similar to the one on the French Market Bag, but I discovered that I don't have any size 13 dpns, and I didn't want to go to the mall last night to get some. So I cast on using a provisional cast on, and figured I would add the base later. Besides, I am thinking I may want the base to be rectangular rather than square, but I won't decide for sure until I have a better idea of you wide it will be. So I cast on 100 stitches, and started knitting in the round. I am going to do a basically random stripe pattern with the colors I have left from the clogs, and see how it goes. I haven't decided how I want to do the handles yet, I thing I will have to wait and see what size and shape I end up with first. I am not too concerned about the final size because I want to use it for a project bag, and regardless of how big it ends up, its bound to be good for a project of one size or another.

And here is a picture of the felted clogs, and a curious cat. I made a pair for my husband in January, and then decided I want a pair as well, so I made myself a pair last month. We like to sit and have our coffee on the back porch on weekends, and the felted clogs are great for that because of the double thick soles. We can wander about the yard in them if we want, and they are thick enough to hold up and not feel damp from the grass, and to be comfortable on the gravel path.