Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sewing Lessons?

So, The other night while I was over at my parents house, my brother made it a point to tell me that my niece will be 8 this winter. I agree that this is true, while wondering what the significance of this is. Well, apparently, at some point in the past I said something that has cause my niece to be certain that when she is 8, I will teach her to sew. I have no recollection of this at all. But, apparently it made a big impact on her. My brother says she has been looking forward to it, and has been reminding him of this impending milestone since her last birthday. So, this fall I will be giving sewing lessons to my almost 8 year old niece and my 10 year old niece. I figure if I am going to teach one of them to sew, I should teach them both.

So, my dilemma is: I don't actually remember learning how to sew. I learned so young that I feel like I always knew. My first memory of sewing is when I was 7. I was sewing a set-in waist band on a barbie skirt, by hand. I remember being really annoyed because my Mom wouldn't let me us the sewing machine until I was 9, and that was forever.

So--any suggestions on where to start? My Mom suggested having them start with sewing seams and hems on scraps until they got their stitches down, before actually making anything. But that sounds pretty boring, and I think it will hold their interest better if we start with an actually project. I'm looking for something really simple that they can be sucessfull at with out too many problems. And they will be hand sewing whatever it is. Any Ideas?