Friday, July 22, 2005

Stash inventory

First a photo to show that we do get occasional bright days. Our yard is in the shade by the time I get home from work, but you can see the sun hitting the street. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too, so hopefully we can get the yard work caught up. You can see that DH started cutting the grass today before he got dragged away to play disc golf.

Since it was nice this afternoon, I decided it would be a good time to inventory the yarn I have on hand. So here is all is, all spread out on the picnic table. Not a whole lot, but as I am not a very fast knitter, I thing it will keep me busy for a while.

I have enough sock yarn for a couple pair, although the grey Regia there will probably become a pair of wrist warmers instead of socks.

This is 2 kg of Sari Silk. There are 10 skeins of the dark color range, and 10 of the light. I bought this from someone because I got a great deal, and I really like the recyled silk. I want to make a vest from some of this, and I may make a shawl for a friend as well.

32 balls of cotton ease, in 4 colors. I am working on the a project in the blueberry already, but it is going very slowly as it is my "take along knitting" for when I am waiting for someone, etc. and I haven't worked on it much lately.

4 Skeins of Silky Wool. I was going to make a gift for someone out of this, but she didn't like the color. It is a dark grey and she thought it would be better in a true black. (She didn't know it was intended for her.) But anyways, she ended up getting a different gift, and I have this, which I really like, but haven't decided what to do with yet.

I also have a bunch of assorted single skeins and odd bits that could be hats, scarfs, etc. With the projects I have already started, this is plenty to keep me busy for a while. And it will also keep me from getting distracted from what I am working on by new projects.

I have gotten a bit farther on my bag, but not much more done on Kiri. Last time I worked on it, one of my ferrets decided to check out my bag. Ferrets are extremely curious, and always check out anything that is new, or in a different place, so I didn't pay much attention. Later I realized that she had been digging at my cone of yarn, and had made a big tangle at the bottom. So I spent the 45 minutes I could have been knitting, untangling yarn. No more ferrets in my knitting bag! At least she didn't damage the yarn, and I was able to untangle it.