Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Projects

Two new projects this week:

The first is for the Stick ya Neck Out swap. I am making the turtleneck shrug for Stephanie. The yarn is Jo Sharp Aran Tweed in Bark. I have been swatching (this is the second try) and this yarn very nice to work with--very soft. I think I will enjoy this project a lot.

The second project is the Victorian Shoulderette from Sivia Harding. I received the pattern a month or so ago. Then, last week I had to go to my LYS and buy another set of Denise needles. (Yes, I wanted two sets, as it seems the needles I need are always being used. Besides, a puppy we were fostering last winter ate one of my #9's. Yeah, puppy damage--that's a better reason.) And this yarn was on sale, and my yarn budget went out the window.

I want to finish this by the end of September so I can wear it for an event I am going to. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but that is also my deadline for finishing Kiri. The auction I am donating it to will be held at this conference. I am just past half way on Kiri, so I need get more done in the next 4 weeks than I have in the last 4. This should be do-able, as things should be slowing down for me now. My parents have left town for the winter, the wedding that occupied all last weekend was celebrated successfully (it was wonderful), and now that school has started, all the "end of summer" events are over.

In puppy news, Bob is settling in fine. Yes, after a week of talking about it, we decided on Bob. A very common name, for an uncommon breed of dog. He is getting along fine with our 8 year old lab, and 2 of the cats are starting to get used to him (the other one doesn't like anyone). The ferrets are still fairly wary of him: he tries to get them to play, and one of them will, but the other one is more timid. He has been very good with them though, and not aggressive at all. We aren't leaving them alone together though. Bob goes to work with me or my DH every day, and is kenneled at night.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Almost an FO

Here is my finished bag, before it went for a swim in the washer. It measured 26"from top to bottom, and 17 "across. I put the tennis ball in for scale, but of course I forgot to include it in the after picture.

And here it is now, blocking. I lined it with plastic bags and filled it with books. It ended up taller than I wanted. That's what I get for not making a swatch and guessing at the relative proportions of how much it would felt. The current dimensions are about 10"wide, 7"deep, and 11"tall. I was envisioning something that would be shorter in relation to its diameter. After it dries (which will be days as we have our heat off, and the humidity here is always high) I will sew the handles on and see what I think. If its too far wrong, maybe I'll cut the top off and try something else for the handles. Or, maybe I'll try felting it again instead and see if it ends up shorter.

The blue isn't as bright in real life, I think the flash makes it stand out like that.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Puppy Pics

A few pictures of the new puppy. He seems to be settling in fine, but we'll see how much sleep we all get tonight. He is sleeping in his kennel now though, so I will hope for the best. The second picture is the puppy and our 8 year old lab playing in the yard. Not a gread picture of either of them, but you can see the size difference. These dogs only get about 15 inches tall, so that will be quite different for us. I will be taking him to work with me in the morning. We don't want to leave him alone with the other beasties (1 dog, 3 cats, 2 ferrets) until we are sure they will all get along, and I don't like the idea of leaving him in a kennel all day as well as at night. My boss is okay with me bringing him to work, as he brings his 2 dogs every day and they hang out in the office with me most of the time. I can also work on training him throughout the day this way. Once he is better trained, he will probably go with DH sometimes as well.

I worked on my felted bag tonight for a while. I am working on the i-cord edgeing around the top now, and am half done. Then I have a bunch of ends to weave in, and then into the wash with it. I should be done later this week, maybe even tomorrow.

After all that sunshine last week, my lilies are finally starting to bloom. Isn't it pretty. I am not sure the name of this one; we picked up quite a few this spring while we were visiting my brother in Portland, and some of the labels were missing by the time we got them planted.

We got quite a bit done in the yard on Saturday (fortunately it wasn't as hot as they were predicting, only about 83). DH got the lawn mowed and the weed-eating done, and I deadheaded, weeded, and watered and then worked on a new bed we have been talking about all year. We had already bought a couple small rose bushed we wanted to put in it, and it is getting late enough here that we needed to get them planted so they can establish new roots before fall.

Sunday I did laundry, etc, and knit on Kiri. It still looks the same , so I won't bore you with a picture. I have now got 10 repeats done, and I think it would be about 48" blocked now. I was thinking 14 repeats will be about the size I want, but we'll see when I get closer.

The big news of the day is: we got a new puppy today. My husband called me at work at about 11 this morning and asked if I could go see him because someone was bringing in puppies for him to look at. He had met these people and their dogs before, and was impressed with the dogs. So when he saw them again this morning and was complimenting the woman, she told him that she had 3 puppies available, and would give him one, instead of selling it to him. They are Lundehunds, and are very rare, so she could sell them, but she is more concerned with them having good homes. DH works at the local humane society, so I guess she figured we would be good owners. So we are now the new owners of a 3 1/2 month old Norwegian Puffin Hound. I will post pictures later, probably tomorrow. I took him back to work with me for a couple hours, then my husband picked him up for the rest of the afternoon, and he isn't home from work yet. We will probably take turns taking him to work with us for a while at least so we can work on training him. No name yet either, any suggestions on names for a small, Norwegian dog?

Friday, August 12, 2005

Sun Day!

Its still gorgeous and sunny today, so we closed the business early and took a "sun day". The shop guys left about 10, my boss left at 11, and I took off at noon. (I wanted to get to a certain point on a bid first, so I didn't have to stress about getting it done on Monday.) So what am I doing with my free afternoon? Catching up on house work. Seems like a waste, but it will mean that tomorrow, I have the whole day free to spend with my DH: dinking around in the yard, maybe check our garage sales, and then the first high school football game of the year tomorrow night.

Hope everyone else is having a great Friday too.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hot, Hot, Hot!

We are having record breaking weather this week. The all time high temperature record here was 90 degrees, back in 1975. We are expected to break that in the next couple days, and may hit the mid 90's this weekend. It's just too hot. I know that it doesn't sound that hot, but our normal temperatures this time of year are in the 60's. We just aren't used to this.

Last night after work I dropped my husband off at the disc golf course, and took the dog to the beach for a couple hours.

I threw some stick,
saw some porpoises, (sorry its such a lousy picture)
and knit a few rows on Kiri.

The past week was a very busy week, and I did almost no knitting. Things I did get everything done that I needed to get done. It helped that my husband was gone for 4 days, that gave me more time to do my stuff without having to take his schedule into account as well.

But now, hopefully things will slow down a bit, and I can catch up on my reading (both online and not) and my knitting.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Uh Oh--cat pics

So, I have nothing new in knitting, so I thought I introduce my old lady cat: Fuzz. Fuzz is 10 years old, and very standoffish. She doesn't like the ferrets or Archie, and only tolerates the dog. She likes Jerri enough to play with her now and then, and sleep near her occasionally, but mostly she is a loner.

I didn't get as much done on my afghan square this weekend as I wanted. Friday night we went out to dinner with friends from out of town. Saturday we worked on some projects that couldn't be put off any longer, and then went to a birthday party for a friend. And Sunday we had our annual family picnic, except we did it 6 weeks late this year, so we held it at my brother's house because of the weather. We have been holding this event for the last 12 years of so, and usually do it about the middle of June. We have been lucky and had decent weather for it every time. We usually go to one of the local beaches, and bring rafts, canoes, fishing poles, etc. Generally we invite old family friends, and its an all day event. This year because of some scheduling problems, we weren't able to have it until now, and the weather this time of year isn't as nice. So we had a smaller version at my brother's house, with just the family, and we ordered pizza to make it easy for everyone. We all had a good time. My parents are snowbirds, and will be leaving to go south in 2 weeks, so it was nice to all get together before they go.

I probably won't have my time to knit this next week either. I am the bookkeeper for a civic group I belong to, and it's report time this week. So, I have to get caught up on everything from the last 3 months. We are changing computer software as well, so I don't think I'll have much free time until after next weekend. I will probably knit a few rows whenever I can squeeze them in, but I don't expect to make much progress on anything this week.