Monday, August 15, 2005

After all that sunshine last week, my lilies are finally starting to bloom. Isn't it pretty. I am not sure the name of this one; we picked up quite a few this spring while we were visiting my brother in Portland, and some of the labels were missing by the time we got them planted.

We got quite a bit done in the yard on Saturday (fortunately it wasn't as hot as they were predicting, only about 83). DH got the lawn mowed and the weed-eating done, and I deadheaded, weeded, and watered and then worked on a new bed we have been talking about all year. We had already bought a couple small rose bushed we wanted to put in it, and it is getting late enough here that we needed to get them planted so they can establish new roots before fall.

Sunday I did laundry, etc, and knit on Kiri. It still looks the same , so I won't bore you with a picture. I have now got 10 repeats done, and I think it would be about 48" blocked now. I was thinking 14 repeats will be about the size I want, but we'll see when I get closer.

The big news of the day is: we got a new puppy today. My husband called me at work at about 11 this morning and asked if I could go see him because someone was bringing in puppies for him to look at. He had met these people and their dogs before, and was impressed with the dogs. So when he saw them again this morning and was complimenting the woman, she told him that she had 3 puppies available, and would give him one, instead of selling it to him. They are Lundehunds, and are very rare, so she could sell them, but she is more concerned with them having good homes. DH works at the local humane society, so I guess she figured we would be good owners. So we are now the new owners of a 3 1/2 month old Norwegian Puffin Hound. I will post pictures later, probably tomorrow. I took him back to work with me for a couple hours, then my husband picked him up for the rest of the afternoon, and he isn't home from work yet. We will probably take turns taking him to work with us for a while at least so we can work on training him. No name yet either, any suggestions on names for a small, Norwegian dog?