Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Almost an FO

Here is my finished bag, before it went for a swim in the washer. It measured 26"from top to bottom, and 17 "across. I put the tennis ball in for scale, but of course I forgot to include it in the after picture.

And here it is now, blocking. I lined it with plastic bags and filled it with books. It ended up taller than I wanted. That's what I get for not making a swatch and guessing at the relative proportions of how much it would felt. The current dimensions are about 10"wide, 7"deep, and 11"tall. I was envisioning something that would be shorter in relation to its diameter. After it dries (which will be days as we have our heat off, and the humidity here is always high) I will sew the handles on and see what I think. If its too far wrong, maybe I'll cut the top off and try something else for the handles. Or, maybe I'll try felting it again instead and see if it ends up shorter.

The blue isn't as bright in real life, I think the flash makes it stand out like that.