Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Projects

Two new projects this week:

The first is for the Stick ya Neck Out swap. I am making the turtleneck shrug for Stephanie. The yarn is Jo Sharp Aran Tweed in Bark. I have been swatching (this is the second try) and this yarn very nice to work with--very soft. I think I will enjoy this project a lot.

The second project is the Victorian Shoulderette from Sivia Harding. I received the pattern a month or so ago. Then, last week I had to go to my LYS and buy another set of Denise needles. (Yes, I wanted two sets, as it seems the needles I need are always being used. Besides, a puppy we were fostering last winter ate one of my #9's. Yeah, puppy damage--that's a better reason.) And this yarn was on sale, and my yarn budget went out the window.

I want to finish this by the end of September so I can wear it for an event I am going to. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but that is also my deadline for finishing Kiri. The auction I am donating it to will be held at this conference. I am just past half way on Kiri, so I need get more done in the next 4 weeks than I have in the last 4. This should be do-able, as things should be slowing down for me now. My parents have left town for the winter, the wedding that occupied all last weekend was celebrated successfully (it was wonderful), and now that school has started, all the "end of summer" events are over.

In puppy news, Bob is settling in fine. Yes, after a week of talking about it, we decided on Bob. A very common name, for an uncommon breed of dog. He is getting along fine with our 8 year old lab, and 2 of the cats are starting to get used to him (the other one doesn't like anyone). The ferrets are still fairly wary of him: he tries to get them to play, and one of them will, but the other one is more timid. He has been very good with them though, and not aggressive at all. We aren't leaving them alone together though. Bob goes to work with me or my DH every day, and is kenneled at night.