Monday, August 15, 2005

Puppy Pics

A few pictures of the new puppy. He seems to be settling in fine, but we'll see how much sleep we all get tonight. He is sleeping in his kennel now though, so I will hope for the best. The second picture is the puppy and our 8 year old lab playing in the yard. Not a gread picture of either of them, but you can see the size difference. These dogs only get about 15 inches tall, so that will be quite different for us. I will be taking him to work with me in the morning. We don't want to leave him alone with the other beasties (1 dog, 3 cats, 2 ferrets) until we are sure they will all get along, and I don't like the idea of leaving him in a kennel all day as well as at night. My boss is okay with me bringing him to work, as he brings his 2 dogs every day and they hang out in the office with me most of the time. I can also work on training him throughout the day this way. Once he is better trained, he will probably go with DH sometimes as well.

I worked on my felted bag tonight for a while. I am working on the i-cord edgeing around the top now, and am half done. Then I have a bunch of ends to weave in, and then into the wash with it. I should be done later this week, maybe even tomorrow.