Monday, August 01, 2005

Uh Oh--cat pics

So, I have nothing new in knitting, so I thought I introduce my old lady cat: Fuzz. Fuzz is 10 years old, and very standoffish. She doesn't like the ferrets or Archie, and only tolerates the dog. She likes Jerri enough to play with her now and then, and sleep near her occasionally, but mostly she is a loner.

I didn't get as much done on my afghan square this weekend as I wanted. Friday night we went out to dinner with friends from out of town. Saturday we worked on some projects that couldn't be put off any longer, and then went to a birthday party for a friend. And Sunday we had our annual family picnic, except we did it 6 weeks late this year, so we held it at my brother's house because of the weather. We have been holding this event for the last 12 years of so, and usually do it about the middle of June. We have been lucky and had decent weather for it every time. We usually go to one of the local beaches, and bring rafts, canoes, fishing poles, etc. Generally we invite old family friends, and its an all day event. This year because of some scheduling problems, we weren't able to have it until now, and the weather this time of year isn't as nice. So we had a smaller version at my brother's house, with just the family, and we ordered pizza to make it easy for everyone. We all had a good time. My parents are snowbirds, and will be leaving to go south in 2 weeks, so it was nice to all get together before they go.

I probably won't have my time to knit this next week either. I am the bookkeeper for a civic group I belong to, and it's report time this week. So, I have to get caught up on everything from the last 3 months. We are changing computer software as well, so I don't think I'll have much free time until after next weekend. I will probably knit a few rows whenever I can squeeze them in, but I don't expect to make much progress on anything this week.