Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Adventures with Bob

Yesterday morning I got out of the shower to discover Kiri spread out all over the livingroom floor. I had left my knitting bag sitting by the chair, and the puppy decided it looked fun. Of course, I was running late, so I didn't have time to really check the damage, so I just scooped it up as gently as possible, and left it on the kitchen counter until I got home. And this is what I found:
A broken Denise cable, and 95 stitches pulled off the needle. At the very edge, some of the stitches had dropped back 3 rows, but other than that it was only one or two. So I carefully picked up the stitches on the 3rd row down, except for the last dozen stitches, where I went down to the 4th row, and then reknit them. The only good thing about this is that after 12 repeats, I was knew the pattern well enough to know where I was, and to be sure I had every stitch. I was definitely glad I bought an extra set of Denise needles a couple weeks ago. The whole thing took a couple hours, including a couple breaks when I started getting uptight because it was so fiddly. Sometimes its better to step back and take a deep breath. At the end, it looked like this:
Fortunately, the dog didn't break the yarn anywhere, or chew any holes in it (at least none I have found yet, I won't know for sure until I block it).

I got quite a bit of knitting done over the weekend, and I am halfway done with the last repeat. Then just the edging to go. Unfortunately, I didn't get anything done with my computer. I was going to work on it on Monday, since my DH would be at work, and I would have fewer distractions, but I had forgotten that I had an appointment, and that took most of the afternoon. Fortunately I remembered before I started. We don't have TV ( and haven't for 10 years) so we get the majority of news, etc. from the internet. About the only thing that would drive my DH crazy more than a computer that barely works, would be one that didn't work at all for a week, as I tried to fix it in my "spare" time after work.

On a side note; I have been reading If Men Were Angels by Reed Karaim, and finished it this weekend. I am comfortable enough with Kiri now that I can read and work on it, although it slows me down in both knitting and reading. Anyways, I really enjoyed the book--I thought he did a great job with the characters. check it out if you get the chance.