Friday, September 02, 2005

This and That

Wow--time sure slips away, doesn't it. Lots of unrelated bits of stuff, so I'll do this as a bullet list.

  • My computer is giving me problems and I think I am going to have to zap my hard drive and reload everything--so time consuming. But right now, I loose my internet connection randomly and have to shut everything down and unplug my modem and router, than restart to get it back. I know the problem is in the computer, because I borrowed a laptop the other night, and I had no proplems with it, while my computer said no connection at the same time. I can receive email, but every time I try to send, I get error messages. My CD drive won't burn anything. I really need to upgrade my system and get something faster and with more memory, but that's not going to happen for a while. So I will try to find time this weekend to get mine working again, at least for a while. (I am posting this from work since its a slow Friday afternoon.)

  • I have been reading the news from New Orleans and it just makes me ill how badly we have done as a country, and how many people have and are suffering as a result. These people are in a bad enough situation without the added stress and fear caused by the fumbled recovery situation. The comment by the President today that "We're going to make it right." made me so angry. How will he make it right to the families of the people who died needlessly, and those who have suffered through these days waiting for assistance they so badly need? I feel that this statement just shows how disconnected the President is from the American people.

  • I finally got around to sewing the handles on my felted bag last weekend. It came out taller in proportion to the width than I originally had envisioned, but overall I like the size. None of the pictures I took show the colors very accurately, they really do work together better than it appears in the photo.

  • I have been working on Kiri and have 2 1/2 repeats left, and then the edging. I need to have this finished by the 26th in order to have time to block it before my trip. I plan to work on it this weekend while waiting for software to load. At least that will make reloading my computer less frustrating.

  • I haven't started on the Turtleneck Shrug for the SYNO scarf swap yet. I will be taking it on my trip with me at the end of the month and working on it then, and maybe sooner if I get Kiri done early.

  • I know everyone has heard/read about ways to help the victims of Katrina, but I need to add my voice to the throng. Do whatever you can--however little or large that is.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. The only thing we have planned is to go to the high school football game tonight, and then have a fire in the backyard and hang out with some friends. I will probably work at least part of Monday, as I don't want to take any more time off this month than I already have scheduled, but we'll see how I feel then. I have a great boss, and he is leaving it up to me.