Friday, October 14, 2005

Catching up: Random bits from the last couple weeks

The last couple weeks have been too busy. I came back from my trip with a nasty virus, and behind at work. Of course, by the time I got over my virus, my DH had it. Much fun all around. Just as I started getting caught up at work, my boss left for a week, and that means more work for me as well.

My trip was fun, but very busy: meetings all day, and evening spent catching up with people I hadn't seen in a year or more. They may have been a bit of drink involved as well. At any rate, I came back feeling like I needed a vacation. The auction went well. Between that and some other fundraising, we raised about $4000 for a scholarship program, and we also raised $5000 for hurricane relief! I don't know what the final price on the shawl was though, as I wasn't there when the auction actually ended, but was doing a bit of shopping instead.

It is definitely fall here. Not the pretty kind of fall with leaves changing colors, etc. But rather the rain nearly every day for months, cold and windy kind of fall we get here in Southeast Alaska. We have gotten lucky the last two weekends, and had decent weather on both Saturdays, so DH and I spent a lot of time the last 2 weeks working on the house and the yard getting ready for winter. We are trying to improve our insulation and weatherseal, etc, so we can hopefully reduce our fuel oil use this winter. And of course, there is always lots of yard work to do as well.

I have been working on the Turtleneck Shrug for the SYNO swap. I am almost done with the first sleeve (2 more inches to go). My ribbing isn't as even as I would like, and its bothering me. I hope Stephanie isn't too disappointed with it. I am hoping it will even up some with blocking. I don't have any pictures, because my camera is on the fritz. I would borrow the one from work, but my boss took it with him on his trip.

I ordered a ball winder and swift from JoAnn's, and they came in on Saturday, but I haven't had time to play with them yet. I also bought a spool of wool/alpaca blend from Kate, and it came in on Monday. It is a dark green/black, and I love the color. I haven't decided what to make with it, but I am looking through patterns for it. I won't start on anything new until I finish Stephanie's scarf though.

I have seen this going around and it looked like fun, so I had to try it: Google your name + needs, and post the 10 best results.

  1. Rosa needs at least 30 years of service to qualify for an immediate optional retirement.
  2. ROSA needs to continue its efforts to ensure the open spaces in Richmond are protected for generations to come
  3. Rosa needs no filler, and there is none.
  4. Rosa needs to construct a project that will make the Subregional Wastewater System weather independent
  5. Rosa needs to do a better job providing affordable housing for teachers, child care workers, and young working families
  6. Rosa needs no introduction
  7. Rosa Needs A Boyfriend
  8. But now Rosa needs a favorite old recipe from one of them for a friend's visit
  9. Rosa needs references to those studies
  10. and that is when Rosa needs to dance. ...

Good thing this is only for fun, as some of those are pretty tall orders.