Monday, October 31, 2005

Wow, somehow here it is two weeks later. I have been busy helping one of my brothers with some remodeling. He has kind of a time limit on getting some repairs done, and other things taken care of, and I since I have more experience than he does, I have been giving him a hand. Now it is all done except the painting, so he will be doing that himself.

I still don't have a working camera. I have been looking a bit at buying a new one, but can't decide what I want. Anybody have any suggestions?

I have not gotten much knitting done lately. I am still working on Stephanie's turtleneck shrug for the SYNO swap, but I have not had much time to work on it lately. It should be done and in Stephanie's hands by now, but I have just started the second half. I am trying to finish it as soon as I can. I will be renting a lot of movies coming up. We don't have TV, and I can knit faster watching movies than while reading or surfing the net.

After I finish the shrug, my next project will be finishing the snowdevil hat that I am making for my nephew. It is getting cold here, and I know he will love it. One of my nieces wants a "fuzzy purple scarf" as well, and if I make one for her, I will have to make her cousin one as well, only in blue. I guess that will keep my busy for a bit. I also want to make a couple pair of fingerless gloves: one pair for me, and one for my father-in-law. While he was in town last summer, he saw the pair I made for myself last spring, and thought that they where what he needs because his hands are always cold. I would like to make him a pair for Christmas.

Somehow I need to find more time to knit!