Sunday, November 13, 2005

Camera Cozy

The camera cozy came out well--on the second attempt. The first one was too big, as you can see. I am thinking I will put a shoulder strap on it and give it to my niece to use as a small purse. She has always been a tomboy, but this year, now that she is in middle school, she is suddenly interested in girly things. I think this will be a good size for her to carry a few essentials in. Right now they are both still blocking. It will probably take a couple days to dry completely considering that we keep our house at about 67 degrees. To block the camera cozy, I found a small box that is almost the same size, and used some paper and then plastic wrap to pad it so it is the same size as the camera. The larger one I just stuffed with plastic grocery bags and formed to shape. I have to find some sort of buttons for both of them. The other two photos show each of them before I felted them.
This was the first time I used the Noro Kureyon and I really like the way the colors came out after I felted it. I can see why so many patterns for felted bags etc. call for this. This is color 139, and it took almost exactly 1 skein to make both of these. I have less than 2 yards left.