Sunday, November 20, 2005

Not a good week

This has not been a good week. DH and I have both been sick. He was home from work on Tuesday and half of Wednesday, and I stayed home Thursday and Friday. Fortunately, we both are much better now. The only good thing about staying home for the last 4 days is that I was able to work on Stephanie's scarf for the SYNO scarf swap. I have gone as far as I can, as I have run out of yarn with 6 inches complete of the 8 inches called for on the neck. I have emailed Stephanie about what to do now: try to find more yarn, or bind off and hope it is long enough for her.

The really bad news this past week is that one of our ferrets passed away. We got Phoebe in August 2004. She came in as a stray to the shelter where my DH works. Someone had found her wandering down a road. DH brought her home becasue it was obvious that she had adrenal gland disease, and her chances of being adopted were not good. We got her on medication for the adrenal gland disease, and she was doing really well. Then, in September we noticed that she seemed to be showing symptoms again, and so her medication was increased. During the last week or so, we thought she was improving again. However, she passed away Monday night.
Phoebe was a real sweetheart. Even though she was ill, she was never bad tempered, and was such a cuddlebug. She loved to explore, and loved it when the neighbor kids came over to take her for walks. Her favorite snack was Cherrios. We had no idea how old Phoebe was, and we knew we wouldn't have her for long, but we were not prepared to lose her so fast.